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Who We Are

Pre8Us is an Interactive Services Agency offering local and worldwide clients an integrated set of strategy, technology, and creative services.

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Pre8Us was founded as POWERi Technologies Inc. in 2001. Pre8Us is an interactive marketing and technology firm, specializing in the development of innovative marketing products and services for the sports entertainment industry. The original company’s name was derived from the Power I formation which is one of the most well-known formations at all levels of football. The company’s first two notable clients, the Miami Dolphins and the Orange Bowl Classic, reflect this early emphasis on sports marketing.

Leveraging on this early success with two well-known brands, Pre8Us quickly and naturally expanded into the travel and tourism industry, gaining immediate recognition in this industry through the firm’s award winning interactive marketing campaign for Marriott International. Beyond these two early concentrations in the sports and tourism industries, Pre8Us has continued to expand organically into a number of different industries by building on one client success story after another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop creative marketing solutions that are impossible for consumers to ignore or forget. We provide you with highly effective interactive solutions to power your business to the next LEVEL.

At Pre8Us, we recognize that constantly changing needs and wants is why we formed the company and it is the same reason that we MUST continuously update the way that we do business.

Our owners, managers, employees and suppliers must be in constant alignment with our ability to SERVICE our customers by providing MORE.

Pre8Us has a talented team of dedicated professionals who come together globally to deliver world-class award-winning solutions for our client partners.

Our skills


The ability to transform chaos into order from the bottom up.


The ability to transform traditional strategies to achieve sustainable success.


The ability to seamlessly transmit messages amongst team-members.


The ability to unwaveringly focus on the needs of your company.

Strategic Partners

Since our inception, Pre8Us has sought to forge strategic partnerships and alliances with other firms that can supplement our capabilities and thus provide clients with a more complete and integrated range of services.

Additionally, we are also focused on expanding the geographic reach of our company in order to better serve our clients who have locations across the US, Canada and the Caribbean. All of these partnerships will further position us to obtain broad market penetration.